Communicating with your Spouse

Speak for yourself

Take a cue from Gary Chapman, and learn how to speak for yourself. Instead of using accusatory “you” statements when talking to your spouse, use “I” statements to help them understand your point of view and to keep you from pointing your finger.

Listen to what's being said

Relationship conflict often arises from simple misunderstandings. Ask for clarification rather than making assumptions. Try saying, “I heard you say this. Is that what you meant?”

Healing a Wounded Heart: Storms don’t last Forever

How do you cope when a deep or tragic loss leaves you feeling empty, angry or alone? Healing is a journey, and while there are no shortcuts through the process of grief, God promises not to leave you in the valley of despair. Have you ever walked the lonely road of rejection? If so, you know the silent cry for acceptance, that inner need for intimacy, the deep craving for closeness. Jesus,